Paving the road to automotive production with additive manufacturing

by Michelle Bockman, GM & Global Head of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing – Automotive & High Value Applications and David Tucker, Automotive Strategy and Production Development Manager at HP

About Michelle Bockman
Michelle Bockman is the Global Head of 3D Printing Commercial Development & Expansion at HP Inc. In this role, she focuses on growing the market through key customer engagements, global alliances, materials partner programs, applications development, creating new software solutions, and ensuring the best customer experience and outcomes.

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Advanced individualization through digital manufacturing

martijn joris

is the title of the presentation by Martijn Joris at the Automotive 3D Printing Conference.

Digital manufacturing enables advanced individualization in the automotive sector. Companies can use 3D printing technology to offer advanced customized interior and exterior parts. It also drives the digital transformation of applications like spare parts and bespoke manufacturing. the presentation will go deeper into these topics and showcase various applications, such as the Mini yours customized program.

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