Influence of industrial gas in AM

Martin Majoor

by Martin Majoor, Linde Gas Benelux

As the right gas mixtures are essential for meeting quality expectations in 3D prints, the new Linde Global Development Centre in Unterschleissheim, near Munich, Germany, is looking at ways to optimise the various layering processes.

The additive manufacturing research team is focusing its efforts on the effects that different atmospheric gases and gas mixtures have on the different metal powders used in additive manufacturing.

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Accelerate Vehicle Development with Additive Manufacturing

daniel hoogstraate

presented by Daniel Hoogstraate, Materialise

Cases, applications and challenges in Additive Manufacturing for the automotive industry.

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What drives you?
I like to help and facilitate organizations to find the right applications for Additive Manufacturing by advising, inspiring and setting the right expectations.

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Paving the road to automotive production with additive manufacturing

by Michelle Bockman, GM & Global Head of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing – Automotive & High Value Applications and David Tucker, Automotive Strategy and Production Development Manager at HP

About Michelle Bockman
Michelle Bockman is the Global Head of 3D Printing Commercial Development & Expansion at HP Inc. In this role, she focuses on growing the market through key customer engagements, global alliances, materials partner programs, applications development, creating new software solutions, and ensuring the best customer experience and outcomes.

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New concepts for large parts Additive Manufacturing – Presented by Berta Gonzalvo, AITIIP Technology Centre

Berta Gonzalvo

Berta Gonzalvo, AITIIP Technology Centre, will speak at Automotive 3D Printing Conference, on June 05, 2019, at Automotive Campus, Helmond, The Netherlands.

This presentation focuses on researching hybrid production (metal + non-metal) by developing an innovative 3D printing-based system able to obtain free form products combining both materials at the same time.

Important developments in the field of new materials are hereby presented, including areas of application, printing, material compatibility and performance. These contribute to cutting edge concepts in additive manufacturing. The proposed system combines Thermoset- based additive manufacturing and metal 3D printing. Technologies presented are devoted to enhance the efficiency of 3D printing for large components, by implementing high deposition rate systems.

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