Advanced individualization through digital manufacturing

is the title of the presentation by Martijn Joris at the Automotive 3D Printing Conference.

Digital manufacturing enables advanced individualization in the automotive sector. Companies can use 3D printing technology to offer advanced customized interior and exterior parts. It also drives the digital transformation of applications like spare parts and bespoke manufacturing. the presentation will go deeper into these topics and showcase various applications, such as the Mini yours customized program.

About Martijn Joris

Martijn is co-founder and CEO of Twikit, founded in 2012. Twikit provides 3D customization solutions for digital manufacturing, enabling brands to offer personalized and made-on-demand products to their customers. The team works on the intersect of product design and software development. Working in the 3D printing sector since 2007, Martijn is a firm believer in this new way of product making.

About Twikit

Twikit is a technology company with a sharp focus on mass customization and digital manufacturing. We set a new standard for how brands and industries design and create products: customizable, on demand and digital. The company has its HQ in Antwerp, Belgium with commercial offices in NYC, Stockholm and Stuttgart.
The core differentiator of Twikit is the combined knowledge of software development, product design and engineering for digital manufacturing. We work with companies all over the world to help them step into customization by developing seamless end-to-end solutions from ideation to integration.

Click here for the complete conference program.

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