3D-printed tooling: leveraging complexity for faster and more efficient assembly lines – Presented by Neil van Es, Parts On Demand

Neil van Es, Parts On Demand b.v. , will speak at Automotive 3D Printing Conference, on June 05, 2019, at Automotive Campus, Helmond, The Netherlands.

3D-printing is a big buzz word. But how to practically apply it as a useful technology? When does it make sense to leverage it as a full-fledged production technology? Within this 30 minute session we’ll talk, discuss and look into examples. From real production lines. Just like yours. For tooling: to ease the workload on your employees. Increase productivity and quality. Or 3D-printing for end-use parts: in production start-up, or as an alternative to conventional production. We’ll bring some actual products and tooling – we know nothing is better than the real thing!

This isn’t going to be some fuzzy story about how you can use 3D-printing. This is a session in which you’ll be able to see, discuss and feel 3D-printed tooling and series. Products that actually make sense and add value. Practical stuff that you can either use as inspiration, or use in your own business.

About Neil van Es

Neil is the Geek in chief & driving force behind Parts on Demand – one of pioneers in the field of industrial 3D-printing for tooling and series. With a background in engineering, industrial design and innovation management he’s able to quickly translate challenges into practical solutions.

About Parts On Demand B.V.

Parts on Demand is the 3D print service of the Vesco Group. With our roots in product development, production and inventing, we are on the frontline of technological development every day. Producing prototypes and small series is part of that and we see an even bigger challenge in optimising production and products.

3D printing offers design opportunities we never believed possible. And, let’s be honest. If you haven’t informed yourself you probably still don’t believe them possible. That is why we, as experts, offer you our services for co-developing and optimising your processes and products. Or helping you find the right production method for your novelty. Because we are well aware we are not the only clever ones around. We just happen to be the experts on 3D.

Together we make sure you deliver products that are better. And we keep you from making expensive mistakes. So you can help your customers with products that make the difference.

Together we work on products and ideas that shape tomorrow.

About Automotive 3D Printing Conference

Automotive 3D Printing Conference takes place on June 05, 2019, in Helmond, The Netherlands. The conferences focuses on various aspects of 3D printing applications in the automotive industry, such as prototyping, production, electronics, spare parts, customisation – issues, solutions, developments & more. The conference offers automotive professionals the chance to learn about and to look at challenges / opportunities from different perspectives using 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing in their professional use.

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