Aftersales Magazine is Media Partner of Automotive 3D Printing Conference

We welcome Aftersales Magazine as media partner

About Aftersales Magazine

Dutch automotive trade magazine and platform which focusses on aftersales in a broad sense. Both OE and IAM are being covered as well as regular maintenance and body repair.

Vakblad en platform voor de Nederlandse autobranche met een sterke focus op aftersales in de breedte van het woord. Zowel binnen het merkgebonden als ongebonden kanaal en inclusief het segment schadeherstel.

About Automotive 3D Printing Conference

Automotive 3D Printing Conference takes place on June 05, 2019, in Helmond, The Netherlands. The conferences focuses on various aspects of 3D printing applications in the automotive industry, such as prototyping, production, electronics, spare parts, customisation – issues, solutions, developments & more. The conference offers automotive professionals the chance to learn about and to look at challenges / opportunities from different perspectives using 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing in their professional use.


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